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Last video of Coast to Coast, Japan, Day 4/4


Last video, Tour of Western Japan, Day 7/7 - Kyoto to Nagoya, 150km

Part 1/2

Part 2/2







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(2016/06/15) : Back to planning my next coming trip which will be an :

Adventure in Noto Peninsula (能登半島, Noto Hantō) in September 2016

The Peninsula is located in the west side of Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture, extending about 100 kilometers into the Sea of Japan. The peninsula is known for its coastal scenery which has been given Quasi-National Park status.

(2015/05/08) _________________________________________________________________

Southern Japan Tour

(TOKYO -> KYUSHU, 1350KM in 10 days TOTTORI, 1025KM in 7 days)

In front of Tottori station!


Doing bike camping for the first time!

On my way to Kyushu :

  • Matsumoto City
  • Takayama City
  • Shirakawa Area (UNESCO)
  • Kanazawa City
  • Amanohashidate (One of the best 3 views in Japan)
  • Tottori Sand Dunes
  • Iwami Silver Mine (UNESCO)


with climbs of 2000m high mountains!


Find below an interactive map with all my bike tours in Japan completed.

(2014/07/16) _________________________________________________________________

Tokyo to Shimoda in Izu 200KM in 12 hours!

(2014/05/08) _________________________________________________________________

Done! I made it. Back to Tokyo

I rode every day about 135 kms until Sapporo. What a wonderful trip :)

Northern Japan Tour

1350KM in 10 days.

May 2013 - Completed

Northern Japan Tour (Tokyo to Sapporo via Fukushima, Sendai and Aomori), 1350KM in 10 days.

Adrien Durvin

(2014/02/06) _________________________________________________________________

My first parution in the famous Bicycle 21 magazine for 2014. 2 pages!!!

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